Why Gaudete?

Gaudete (GAH-deh-tay) is Latin for "Rejoice"...


...and our aim is to revel in our client’s success.

Gaudete Development was founded in 2017 to build mobile applications and soon became involved in supporting the legal cannabis industry.  With over 60 years of combined experience, founders Andrew Ellis and Matt Blake complement each other like Yin and Yang - Industrialist and Artist - coming together to serve clients with Creative Digital Media. 

Drawing upon our broad experience and foundation as mobile app designers and operators, we have the ability to help any enterprise with Branding & Corporate Identity, Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Digital Photography & Videography, Video Production, Copywriting, Social Media and Advertising.

So why Gaudete?

Because our client’s success is our success.

We listen.  We learn.  We understand.

Then we create the media that tells Your Story with

Images that impact the mind.  Words that impel the spirit.  Sounds that command attention.

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