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MOCannaHub Interviews Ayden & Ashley Markum from Ayden’s Alliance, who  travel to as many Cannabis-related events as possible. Their mission is to spread the word about how CBD and Cannabis have greatly improved the Quality of Life for Ayden and a growing number of other Missouri Children with similar diagnosis. Please donate freely and check out their site at

Our new client Vendux Interim Sales Leadership. We provided all aspects of this video shoot, production, & Animated Logo for this specialized and advanced sales leadership organization. Vendux delivers outcomes, helps implement change, fills unexpected gaps, and provides interim or fractional professionals to provide these particular expertise and project delivery, among others in this complex business environment. 

 The Gaudete Development Animated Logo.    Imagine your brand - in motion.

Introducing #theGlobalBuzzAnalysisNetwork!  
A quick synopsis of theGBAN™, which stands for ¡theGlobalBuzzAnalysisNetwork!™  App and Website, which was born out of a perplexing and amazing story on a golf course in Colorado. 

Interview with Wendy Turner,  from the #MoCannBizCon held in St. Louis on March 11-12th, 2019 for the Global Buzz Analysis Network - all editing and production as well as content creation.

Hi5Furniture wanted a display video to play while prospective buyers visited the showroom, as well as play on their website. A multi-purpose media usage that utilized the materials they provided within their limited budget.  

Music Credit:  StereoLab, ‘Brakage’, Dots & Loops 

Takeda  needed a video and promotional campaign for an upcoming internal conference. A video & brochure PDF for email and print was produced quickly and economically to coincide with the conference and the availability of their visiting chairman.  

Learning By Design® is an industry leader in teaching software and instructional material within the Speech and Language Pathology profession. One of its innovative products, SPELLlinks™ to Reading and Writing, is showcased in this Promotional Video with its Unique perspective in not only what to teach the students, but how the students are taught. 

Rosen Automotive's campaign ‘Great Cars Great People’ runs along the lines of their playful, joyous approach to selling cars. Having a sense of humor and treating their customers with the respect everyone deserves makes the usually stressful act of buying a car fun and as painless as possible - because of Rosen's Great People.

Heartland Conservation Alliance has commissioned us to produce a series of creative media videos that promote the protection and preservation of the Blue River, a nationally designated part of Urban Waters Partnership. 

This prestigious designation needs to be promoted for the general public's understanding of conserving this important piece of our environment. 

Music Credit:  Boards of Canada, ‘Constants Are Changing’ , Campfire Headphase

theJobSpectrum™ is the world's first Shared Labor, Shared Revenue Advertising and Marketing Economic Mechanism, baked into a Survey

Governed by the Mathematical Laws of Nature, tJS™'s Design engagement system ‘Gamefies and Barometers’ the Modern Economy by ‘Manufacturing Data-With Meaning™’ . This invents better & more enlightened ways to compensate ourselves.

Music Credits:  StereoLab, ‘Les Yper-Sound’ , Emperor Tomato Ketchup, ‘Interlock’, &  ‘Kyberneticka Babicka Pt 2’,  Fab Four Suture